Database evolution
Database such as Agribalyse must be updated frequently, to improve and reflect science" state of the art". We are already working on the next version of the database.
User contributions are essential to improve and develop the database. The willingness of Agribalyse's partners to encourage external contributions in the future, while ensuring the consistency and quality of the database. More precise rules for incorportation of external data are currently under discussion.
On the other hand, it is inevitable despite our efforts and the quality control processes, that some errors are still found in the database. We will indicate here those identified by partners and / or users, pending their correction in future updates. Some points correspond to errors, others to points of potential improvement. Users are encouraged to contact us if they believe they have identified other errors.

Mistakes identified

  • Cooked/non cooked ratio mistake for scalops
  • Improvement of beef/veal slaugtering modeling
  • Organic fertilizers, update of some processes.
  • Adjument of non edible parts for fruits : banana, mango etc.
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