Contribute to AGRIBALYSE work
ADEME and INRAE ​​invite data users to contribute to the improvement and enrichment of the database
The AGRIBAYSE® program is part of a process of ongoing improvement, following scientific advances, and enriched with projects carried out by partners. Version 3.0 is a major advance, but not an outcome: the work of improvement and enrichment continues.
The data improvement process for future releases will necessarily rely on user feedbacks.
There are several ways to contribute:
  • Improved methodologies for calculating indicators, through specific R&D work (for example on carbon storage / destocking in soils), consistent with international work
  • Proposals for corrections and improvement of existing data. AGRIBALYSE® database mobilizes many hypotheses. Specific elements have already been identified to be refined in subsequent versions. Users are invited to notify us of any proposed changes relating to identified errors or proposed improvements to the assumptions relating to existing data.
  • Proposals for integrating new data. Users are encouraged to propose the integration of new data: new versions of existing products (products under labels for example), integration of missing products (eg mushrooms), integration of missing agro-industrial processes (eg frying, freezing ), new recipe missing,...
AGRIBALYSE is a database providing data on generic products, and it is intended to remain so. Thus, the database aims to enrich the product variations allowing to highlight the differences of impacts related to different production systems, processing or packaging (organic products versus conventional products, glass bottle versus bottle plastic, etc.). But, it is not intended to distinguish products from different brands.
ADEME, INRAE ​​and their partners, however, encourage companies to produce their own data, in the context of eco-design projects in particular, by respecting the AGRIBALYSE® methodology, so that their data is comparable with that, generic, of the database.
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