Data access

AGRIBALYSE® produces a reference database of environmental impact indicators for agricultural products produced in France and food products consumed in France.
AGRIBALYSE® data are complex. They are not directly adapted to consumer information. Users of data who are not "experts" in environmental sciences should be careful to use them correctly, in particular by consulting the documentation.
AGRIBALYSE® data is freely available in two formats:
  • a full version, requiring the availability and proficiency of an LCA software to be consulted. It allows to see all the stages of production and to modify the production hypotheses at each stage.
The three software mentioned below are currently implementing version 3.1.1 of Agribalyse. This software making version 3.1 available to date. If you wish to have version 3.1.1 before it is made available by the software, contact us: [email protected]
AGRIBALYSE 3.1 on SimaPro : available directly on Simapro plateform.
Agribalyse 3.1 on openLCA : free open source LCA software
Agribalyse 3.1 on Brightway. Version provided by SustainCERT for ADEME. LCI Database, documentation, import guide. Be aware that some substances used by Agribalyse are not available in Brightway yet, inducing slight differences in results.
  • a simplified version, accessible to everyone :
    • two spreadsheets for raw conventional agricultural products and organic products (at the farm gate)
    • a spreadsheet for feed (available in INRAE website),
    • a spreadsheet for ready-to-eat food products.
AGRIBALYSE3.1.1_partie agriculture_bio.xlsx
AGRIBALYSE3.1.1_partie agriculture_conv.xlsx
AGRIBALYSE3.1.1_produits alimentaires.xlsx
In addition to Excel format, simplified versions for ready-to-eat food products are also available in:
  • CSV, in 3 files:
    • summary of results
    • detail by stage of life cycle stage
    • detail by ingredient
Complementary LCA data to Agribalyse can be identified in GLAD platform.