A network of experts

The AGRIBALYSE® program brings together a network of experts who support you in understanding and disseminating the work (documentation, training, technical days).

AGRIBALYSE® data are complex. Scientific indicators are not understandable at first sight by non-experts in environmental sciences. Extensive documentation is available, as well as a network of experts by your side to help you use this work.

Before contacting us for any questions relating to the AGRIBALYSE® program and the database, we ask you to read the documentation available on this website, the answer to your question can be found there !

If the answer is not there, you can contact the teams in charge of the AGRIBALYSE® program via the email address: agribalyse@ademe.fr

Depending on your question, we will redirect you to the most suitable experts: experts members of the AGRIBALYSE® steering committee, our partners from agricultural and food technical institutes, consultants specialized in Life Cycle Analysis and trained in the use of the AGRIBALYSE® database...

Main stakeholders of the program

Steering Committee members

  • Audrey Rimbaud, ADEME. Agricultural engineer specializing in environmental engineering and land use planning. Food lover and environmentalist, happy to contribute to the Agribalyse development and more braodly the sustainable food topic in ADEME, as an engineer.

  • Jérome Mousset, ADEME

    Head of the department in charge of food and bioeconomy at ADEME. He works on the evolution of food and agricultural systems, and more generally on the contribution of the bioeconomy to the ecological transition of the country.

  • Louis-Georges Soler, INRAE. Deputy Scientific Director Food & Bioeconomics at INRAE. He is an economist and has been director of several research units whose work focused on (1) food consumption, (2) strategies of companies and sectors in terms of food quality and safety, (3) evaluation of public policies related to food, health and the environment. He has conducted several multidisciplinary research projects, at national and European level. He worked in particular on the economic, health and environmental impacts of consumption and diet. His involvement in Agribalyse particularly concerns methods and data for the evaluation of the environmental impacts of food products.

  • Arnaud Helias, INRAE. Doctor in process engineering, researcher in the food sector since 2008. He teaches eco-technologies, more specifically eco-assessment, of which life cycle analysis is the main aspect. He carries out his research activity within the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology. Since 2014, he has coordinated the ELSA group.

  • Mélissa Cornelus, INRAE, Scientific project manager of GIS REVALIM at INRAE

  • Alban Thomas, INRAE. Deputy Scientific Director Environment, INRAE. Environmental and natural resources economist, his research program focuses on the environmental impact of agriculture and the evaluation of environmental policies, the uses and pricing of water resources, and transitions for global food security. He regularly conducts scientific expertise in the field of agriculture and the environment in France and abroad.

  • Emeric EMONET, ACTA. Study engineer on the agroecological transition of agricultural systems, sectors and territories and the evaluation of their sustainability.

  • Didier Majou, ACTIA, Director, specialist in food technology and processes

  • Marie-Pierre Labau, CTCPA, Environment & Sustainable Development Manager

Steering Committee guests


He coordinated the AGRIBALYSE program from 2013 to 2022 as en ADEME ingeneer. He now coordinates the ecolabelling works in ADEME for every sectors concerned (food, textile, furnishing...).

Valérie TO, Ministry of ecological and solidarity-based transition

Project manager at the sustainable food and agriculture office of the General Commission for Sustainable Development, one of the departments of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity-based Transition, Valérie is notably involved in the animation of the environmental display experiment in the food sector.

Gérard GAILLARD, Agroscope

Head of the Life Cycle Analysis research group at Agroscope, a research and development organization at the Federal Office of Agriculture in Switzerland.

Lisa Chenerie, Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Deputy head of the sustainable agriculture and food office at the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Cécile Poulain, Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Circular economy project manager

Erwan Degavelle, Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Health and food policy officer at the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

LCA experts within the Agricultural and Food Technical Institutes




Field of expertise



Head of Agroecology, Systems and Sustainability

Agricultural production


Environment Project Manager

Milk and dairy products

MAJOU Didier


Food industry


R&D engineer environmental assessment and life cycle analysis

Field crops



Environment Project Manager

Processed fruits and vegetables, ready meals

LABAU Marie-Pierre

Environment & Sustainable Development Manager

Processed fruits and vegetables, ready meals


gineer • Head of Unit • Environment - Energy Unit. Saint-Remy-de-Provence

Fruits and vegetables



Environmental Studies Officer

Fruits and vegetables



Project Manager - Environment-Building Service

Ruminant breeding



Environmental engineer

Pig breeding

ADOIR Emilie

Environment project manager

Vine and wine



Agro-economist, head of the Sustainability-Transition unit

Organic production




Project Manager for the Sustainability Division-. Transition

Organic production

BLAZY Vincent

Environment project manager



Environment project manager




Environment & Eco-Industries project manager


BOSQUE Fabrice

Environment & Eco-Industries Manager



Quality, Health and Safety, Environment

Oil crops and legume crops

Old members of steering committee

  • Yannick BIARD, CIRAD (ex. INRAE)

  • Thibault SALOU, Montpellier Supagro (ex. INRAE)

  • Aurélie Tailleur, ADEME (ex-Aravalis Institut du végétal)


  • Angel AVADI , CIRAD

  • Gildas MEVEL, Agrosolutions


Several consultancies have been involved in Agribalyse program and can support compagnies for using Agribalyse data for ecodesign or environmental information. Here are listed only consultancies able to work on internationnal projects (see french version for more).

  • Blonk consultants (Dutch) : Specialised on agriculture and food sustainability, very involved in European (PEF) project.

  • Deloitte: Internationnal consultancy for strategy and sustainability.

  • EVEA: Consulting firm in environmental and social assessment, EVEA has a team dedicated to improving the performance of agricultural and agri-food products. EVEA supports you in the principal price of the Agribalyse program and the appropriation by your company (methodology, data, tools, ...) for the environmental improvement of your product ranges.

  • Gingko 21 Agribalyse v3.0 developers. His team of agronoms and food experts cans support you for ecodesign and sustainability strategy.

  • Koch Consulting Agribalyse v1 developer; review and developpement of Agribalyse v3.0.1

  • Maobi : can support you in LCA studies and ecodesign work. We use Agribalyse data and other most recent database and methodology. Feel free to contact us.

  • Sayari : Work your product line with Agribalyse towards a sustainable and profitable path. We support you in the reflection and implementation of the food transition, respectful of your health, the environment and biodiversity.

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