Agribalyse - ecoinvent partnership

ADEME and ecoinvent have been advancing together for many years on the subject of LCA data. The same values are being shared among both organizations: transparency, scientific excellence, connection to international recommendations on methods, expertise of the governance, control of the data quality, as well as a willingness to provide guidance to public and private stakeholders to help them on their ecological transition.

Agribalyse database relies on ecoinvent data for non-farming processes (electricity, transportation) as well as for imported productions (for a pineapple, for a Moroccan tomatoe…). Through Agribalyse, ecoinvent users have access to a robust and complete LCI database that captures the production and market specificities of a European country.

A 4-years partnership (2022-2026) has been signed between ADEME and ecoinvent, focusing on Agribalyse, and aiming at:

- Increasing the availability of Agribalyse data

- Mutualizing efforts in developing new tools and new data

- Improving the coherence between the databases

- Enticing the use of LCA data by all stakeholders of the ecological transition

We are sincerely convinced that this collaboration will benefit both Agribalyse projects and ecoinvent, as well as more widely, the community of LCA users.

​ecoinvent is a not-for-profit association based in Zurich, Switzerland, dedicated to the availability of high-quality data for sustainability assessments worldwide.

Dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of environmental data worldwide, the ecoinvent Association focuses on LCI data compilation, linking and distribution, as well as data and database management. Its main activity is the publication of the ecoinvent database, which is used worldwide as a background database in LCA and other environmental assessments. Other activities include leading, or participating in, data management projects and initiatives worldwide. ecoinvent also coordinates, or collaborates on, initiatives aiming to promote awareness of, and good practices in, the creation and use of life cycle inventories around the world.

The ecoinvent database currently contains more than 18’000 reliable life cycle inventory datasets and is updated annually to include new and updated data, as well as technical improvements. With an emphasis on transparency, traceability, and disaggregation, ecoinvent data support environmental assessments, such as carbon foot printing, LCA and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) all around the world, and enable a wide range of users to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental impacts of their products and services.

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