Methodological reports and scientific documentation produced in AGRIBALYSE® program available in english are gathered here.

Documentation and webinar regarding the 3.1 version of Agribalyse database

  • Agribalyse 3.0=>3.1 change report :

Agribalyse Webinars

The publication of Agribalyse 3 data in LCA software was accompanied by webinars :

Documentation regarding the construction of the AGRIBALYSE® 3.0 database; food products

In addition to the methodology, we made a transversal analysis of Agribalyse 3.0.1 and explore the data variability between average product and commercial ones.

Data generated at the food scale uses several data sources:

🔸 Data on French agricultural production produced under the AGRIBALYSE® program

🔸Data from the ACYVIA project on food processing

Soon available in english

🔸Background data from the ecoinvent database

See evoinvent documentation.

🔸Products imported or absent from past AGRIBALYSE® developments: data from ecoinvent and World Food Data Base

See World Food Data Base documentation.

Specific documentation concerning certain sectors

🔸Documentation concerning sea products

🔸Documentation concerning data on Fruits and Vegetables

See methodological report about Fruits & Vegetables.

🔸Documentation about animal feed - Ecoalim project

Not available in english. See french documentation.

🔸Documentation concerning data on Banana

See methodological report about Bananas.

🔸Documentation concerning data on Pineapple

Soon available

Specific documentation regarding methodological projects

🔸MAFOR project publications on organic fertilizers

Avadí A., Aissani L, Pradel M., Wilfart A. 2020 Life cycle inventory data on French organic waste treatments yielding organic amendments and fertilisers, Volume 28,2020.

Avadí, A. 2020 Screening LCA of French organic amendments and fertilisers. Int J Life Cycle Assess 25, 698–718 (2020).

🔸SOCLE project about biogenic carbon

Bessou, C., Tailleur, A., Godard, C. et al. Accounting for soil organic carbon role in land use contribution to climate change in agricultural LCA: which methods? Which impacts?. Int J Life Cycle Assess 25, 1217–1230 (2020).

Full report in french. See french documentation.

🔸Water footprint project

Not available in english. See french documentation.

🔸OLCA-Peticides Project

Not available in english. See french documentation.

🔸LCA-BIO Project

Not available in english. See french documentation.

🔸 Biodiversity - BVI method & Agribalyse

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