Etalab Open License

AGRIBALYSE® data is accessible under the conditions of Etalab's "Open License" available in full here: OPEN LICENSE ETALAB.

This license specifies that :

It is possible to adapt the AGRIBALYSE® data to create "Derived Information", products or services, and to exploit it on a commercial basis, for example by combining it with other information, or by including it in a service or application, subject to mentioning the authorship of the information: source and date of the last update.

To comply with this condition, ADEME recommends indicating an effective mention of his paternity, for example: "ADEME source, AGRIBALYSE data v3.0 - 2020". This mention of authorship does not confer any official status on the use. The user is solely responsible for the use and must not mislead third parties as to the content of the "information", its source and its date of update.

It is also recalled in this License that the absence of faults or involuntary errors possibly contained in the AGRIBALYSE® database is not guaranteed by ADEME.

User rights concerning ecoinvent data used by Agribalyse

Agribalyse relies on some ecoinvent data for background processes (non agri/food) as well as for some imported products. This data is only available in "unit process versions" of the database, through LCA softwares usually. Users need to have a valid ecoinvent licence to use those desagregatted data, and respect ecoinvent licence conditions.

For further questions on data use conditions, please contact Agribalyse user support.

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