Data about agricultural production

AGRIBALYSE® provides reference data on the main French agricultural productions.

The AGRIBALYSE® database contains more than 200 life cycle inventories of agricultural products. These data provide information on the impact of agricultural production, taking into account all stages of production (including the manufacture of inputs, the consumption of the tractor, etc.) until leaving the farm.

The operations occurring downstream are not taken into account: it is therefore not data on finished food, ready to be consumed. The methodologies for constructing these data, as well as analyzes of results for certain sectors, are available in the documentation section.


These reference data on agricultural systems are available in an LCA format (specific software) and soon in a simplified format (Excel). Feed LCI data used by Agribalyse are also available in excel format on Ecoalim webpage.

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AGRIBALYSE® 3.0: what's new in agricultural data?

Previous versions of AGRIBALYSE® already offered many references on raw agricultural products. The agricultural data available in version 3.0 correspond to the same data as in version 1.3, with improvements and enhancements:

  • minor changes and corrections to the emission models,

  • addition of missing products (new fruits and vegetables, integration of seafood),

  • significant enrichment of data on organic farming productions (results of the ACV BIO project).

LCA BIO PROJECT: this project piloted by INRAE ​​aimed to illustrate the diversity of practices in biological systems (thus many variations of biological systems are proposed, and not a single biological model). This work also tested additional indicators (excluding LCA), in particular on biodiversity. The additional indicators are not yet integrated into the AGRIBALYSE® database, and it is advisable to refer to the reports of the LCA BIO project for more information.

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